Results – OFC 21: Intimidation

OFC 21: Intimidation

Results – OFC 21: Intimidation

We are live at Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio for OFC 21: Intimidation. We have 13 fights on tap with a main event bout featuring Rocky Edwards (5-3-1) and Jason Nickoson (6-4-1).

After all the fighters weighed in we only had one fight drop off. According to officials with the organization, Cody Miller withdrew from his bout against Harrison Watkins citing personal issues with his family. Other than that, all fights are a go for tonight.

Tonight’s action is sanctioned by the Ohio Athletic Commission. The action kicks off here at 7:00PM EST. As always we will be bringing you all the coverage courtesy of are great sponsors, Bangtown Fightwear and Intimidation Clothing.

As a reminder if you can not make it out to the show tonight, the event will be streamed live. In addition to us reporting the results here be sure to follow us on Twitter (@) and Instagram (@) for more insight from the event tonight.

OFC 21: Intimidation Results
Fight 1
James Berto (0-0) vs Tyler Cavalear (0-0) – Amateur – Lightweight
Winner: Tyler Cavalear def James Berto at 01:12 of Round 3 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 2
Keith Speed (1-1) vs Derek Wood (1-1) – Amateur – Lightweight
Winner: Keith Speed def Derek Wood at 00:57 of Round 1 via KO

Fight 3
Shane Edwards (3-3) vs James Bunn (3-2) – Amateur – Heavyweight
Winner: James Bunn Def Shane Edwards via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Fight 4
Issac Hook (3-2) vs Mikey Furnier (2-6) – Amateur – Light Heavyweight
Winner: Issac Hook def Mikey Furnier at 01:40 of Round 1 via KO (RNC)

Fight 5
Brad Miller (1-1) vs Brandon Loring (1-1) – Amateur – Lightweight
Winner: Brandon Loring def Brad Miller via Split Decision(29-28 L, 29-28 M, 29-28 L)

Fight 6
Chris Settles (2-1) vs Rick White (6-10) – Amateur – Heavyweight
Winner: Chris Settles def Rick White at 02:25 of Round 1 via Submission (Kimura)

Fight 7
Terrel Crawford (4-8) vs Brandon Larkin (2-0) – Amateur – Lightweight
Winner: Brandon Larkin def Terrell Crawford at 02:25 of Round 3 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 8
Jahci Lyles (1-0) vs Brandon Storer (0-1) – Amateur – Heavyweight
Winner: Jahci Lyles def Brandon Storer at 00:26 of Round 1 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 9
David Hicks (1-0) vs Nate Bussard (2-1) – Amateur – Welterweight
Winner: Nate Bussard def David Hicks at 01:25 of Round 1 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 10
Josh Jenkins (0-1) vs Sean Korbel (1-0) – Amateur – Welterweight
Winner: Sean Korbel def Josh Jenkins at 00:29 of Round 1 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 11
Justin Smith (0-0) vs Kenny Fitch (0-0) – Amateur – Heavyweight
Winner: Justin Smith def Kenny Fitch at 02:59 of Round 3 via TKO (Strikes)

Fight 12
Andrew Law (3-1) vs Anthony Morgan (3-1) – Professional – Lightweight
Winner: Andrew Law def Anthony Morgan at 01:20 of Round 2 via Submission (Strikes)

Fight 13
Rocky Edwards (5-3-1) vs Jason Nickoson (6-4-1) – Professional – Light Heavyweight
Winner: Rocky Edwards def Jason Nickoson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)