About BluegrassMMA

Fighters First, Fans Always

BluegrassMMA started in January 2011 with two guys wanting to share their thoughts on the local MMA community. When the blog started the focus was geared towards improving the fight scene in Kentucky, hence our name, BluegrassMMA.

Since the very beginning, our mission was to be a platform for bringing awareness to the local fighters throughout our region. Our motto, “fighters first, fans always,” is an accurate representation of how we have been able to see growth each and every year.

Over the last six years, we have worked hard to grow our brand and that includes expanding our footprint into Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

After logging countless hours covering the local scene and driving thousands of miles, it is safe to say we are undoubtedly the largest local mixed martial arts focused website in the Midwest.


January 2011
– BluegrassMMA.com is officially launched – (View Screenshot)
– Created
– Created

September 2011
– Website Revision V2.0 – (View Screenshot)

June 2012
– First Ohio Event

September 2012
– Website Revision V3.0 – (View Screenshot)

November 2012
– Reached 1,000 Likes on Facebook

April 2013
– First Indiana Event

September 2013
– Reached 2,000 Likes on Facebook
– Hit 250,000 Page Views

December 2013
– Reached 3,000 Likes on Facebook
– First Pennsylvania Event
– Created

January 2014
– BluegrassMMA.com acquires OHMMA.com (article)

April 2014
– Reached 4,000 Likes on Facebook

August 2014
– Website V5.0 (Current Version)
– Hit 500,000 Page Views

September 2014
– Reached 5,000 Likes on Facebook

May 2015
– Hit 750,000 Page Views

January 2016
– 5-Year Anniversary
– Hit 1,000,000 Page Views

December 2016
– Reached 7,000 Likes on Facebook

January 2017
– 6-Year Anniversary