These branding guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo. Right-click on any file you want, and select “Save Link As” to download the individual version.

Short Version


250 x 75
500 x 150
1000 x 300

Long Version


250 x 56
500 x 113
1000 x 225


Official colors used by BluegrassMMA.

Light Blue

Hex: #3a89c9

Dark Blue

Hex: #1a315e


Hex: #8a8a8a


In Writing

When writing BluegrassMMA in text follow these guidelines:


The “B” and “MMA” in BluegrassMMA is always capitalized while everything else is lowercase


Every letter is capitalized in the short version of BluegrassMMA

Bluegrass MMA
bg mma


Use of Our Brand Materials

In General
Please don’t use our name, logos, or screenshots (“brand materials”) in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation. For example, your name and logo should be more prominent than the BluegrassMMA name or logo. And please don’t edit or change the BluegrassMMA logo — we like it how it is!

Advertising, Promotional, and Sales Materials
Please check in with us before using our logo on websites, products, packaging, manuals, or for other commercial or product use.

Products, Websites, Names and Logos
Please don’t use our name as a part of your company or service name, website name, trade name, or product name. Don’t use our logo or incorporate our logo into yours. Don’t use a domain name containing “BluegrassMMA” or “BGMMA” or any confusingly similar words.

Using Our Logo
If you use BluegrassMMA and want to use our logo to link to our site, you can use our logo if it meets the rest of these guidelines.

While we make lots of t-shirts with our logo on them, we don’t generally allow third parties to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it without our permission.

More Questions?
Feel free to email . It helps if you send a mockup of your intended use so we can be specific in our response. We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP but please give us two weeks to get back to you. Please note that no response doesn’t mean approval.