Results – Primetime MMA Summer SMACKDOWN!

Primetime MMA Summer SMACKDOWN

Results – Primetime MMA

Last night at the St. Clements Catholic Church in Toledo, Ohio Primetime MMA made their return. The event entitled “Summer SMACKDOWN” put on a Pro/AM event that featured 13 fights. Headlining the event was a middleweight match-up between Matt Comer and Jesse Murray. Both fighters were making their professional debut last night. It was Murray who ended up victorious, earning a second round submission and also our submission of the night award.

One of the highlights from the event last night was a match between Jeremy Steiner and Matt Rede. The two amateur welterweights put on quite a performance for those fans in attendance. It was this showing that earned Steiner and Rede our performance of the night award.

View the rest of the results, and our Fox Entertainment “of the Night” Award recipients down below. For those of you at the event last night, which fight was the most exciting for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

“of the Night” Awards presented by Fox Entertainment
Submission of the Night: Jesse Murray
Knockout of the Night: Jay Brown
Fight of the Night: Jeremy Steiner and Matt Rede
Performance of the Night: Nick Tammerine

Primetime MMA Summer SMACKDOWN Official Results
Amateur Fights

Fight 1
Kendra Wilson (1-2) vs. Connie Hunt (0-0) – Lightweight
Winner: Kendra Wilson def Connie Hunt by Submission

Fight 2
Matt Mercer (1-2) vs. Kevin Craig (0-1) – Welterweight
Winner: Kevin Craig def Matt Mercer by Split Decision

Fight 3
Jad Rihan (0-0) vs. Phillip Steck (0-1) – Lightweight
Winner: Jad Rihan def Phillip Steckby TKO

Fight 4
Pete Gault (0-0) vs. Marcus Torres (0-1) – Light Heavyweight
Winner: Marcus Torres def Pete Gault by Submission

Fight 5
Zachary Cooper (0-0) vs. James Wingate (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: James Wingate def Zachary Cooper by Submission

Fight 6
Mike Willis (2-2) vs. Mike Holley (1-1) – Middleweight
Winner: Mike Willis def Mike Holley by TKO

Fight 7
Nick Tammerine (0-0) vs. Jacob Beach (0-0) – Middleweight
Winner: Nick Tammerine def Jacob Beach by Unanimous Decision

Fight 8
Jeremy Steiner (0-0) vs. Matt Rede (2-0) – Welterweight
Winner: Matt Rede def Jeremy Steiner by Submission

Fight 9
Treg Wells (2-3) vs. Grant Jastal (1-0) – Lightweight
Winner: Treg Wells def Grant Jastal by Submission

Fight 10
Jon Binder (1-3) vs. Matt Zavrl (1-4) – Light Heavyweight
Winner: Matt Zavrl def Jon Binder by Submission

Fight 11
David Vroman (0-0) vs. Jay Brown (2-0) – Light Heavyweight
Winner: Jay Brown def David Vroman by TKO

Professional Fights

Fight 12
Joe Sczublewski (0-3) vs. Eugene Barrett (3-8) – Catchweight (130lbs)
Winner: Joe Sczublewsi def Eugene Barrett by Submission

Fight 13
Matt Comer (0-0) vs. Jesse Murray (0-0) – Middleweight
Winner: Jesse Murray def Matt Comer by Submission