Results – Ohio Fighting Championship 22

OFC 22

Columbus, Ohio – We are on hand here at the Northland Performing Arts Center for Ohio Championship Fighting 22. Originally, there were thirteen fights scheduled but, as with every event across the region, fights fell apart last minute. We are left with ten bouts this evening, with both professional bouts still intact.

Featured in the co-main event is a lightweight bout between Josh Hilliard and Zach Cook. As we previous reported, these two fighters are coming off losses in their last bout and are looking to bounce back. Both of them are looking to pick-up their first win as a professional, but only one will tonight.

In what can be considered the most anticipated match-up of the evening is the main event bout between Aaron Jeffrey and Matt Anderson. Making his professional debut, Jeffrey is looking to continue his winning streak that he amassed as an amateur. Winning his last eight fights Jeffrey is among the many talented fighters who comes out of Team Ascension. If he can replicate what he did as an amateur, expect great things from this Canadian. Of course, Anderson, who is coming off an injury, wants to derail the hype that is behind Jeffrey and get back on the winning side himself.

Tonight’s action is sanctioned under the Ohio Athletic Commission under the supervisor of Bernie Profato. We will be bringing you all of the coverage as it goes down courtesy of our great sponsors, Bangtown Fightwear. Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter (@).

Amateur Fights

Fight 1
Caleb Frasher (1-0) vs. Jack Basil (0-0) – Lightweight
Winner: Caleb Frasher def Jack Basil by TKO, 1:14 of round 1

Fight 2
John Hancock (0-1) vs. Nick Spinks (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: John Hancock def Nick Spinks by Submission (Guillotine), 2:51 of round 1

Fight 3
Josh Smith (0-0) vs. Cody Michaels (0-0) – Lightweight
Winner: Cody Michaels def Josh Simth by KO, 2:08 of round 1

Fight 4
Curtis Thacker (2-5) vs. Shane Edwards (3-4) – Heavyweight
Winner: N/A (Fight not happening – Thacker failed medical screening)

Fight 5
Avery Arellano (0-0) vs. Derek Wood (1-2) – Lightweight
Winner: Avery Arellano def Derek Wood by KO, 0:08 of round 2

Fight 6
Luke Ransbootom (4-0) vs. Sean Korbel (2-0) – Welterweight
Winner: Luke Ransbootom def Sean Korbel by KO, 2:00 of round 2

Fight 7
Mike Mason (3-4) vs. Steve Allen (2-4) – Middleweight
Winner: Mike Mason def Steve Allen by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), 0:59 of round 1

Fight 8
Chris Settles (3-1) vs. John Gardner (5-3) (Champion) – Heavyweight Title Fight
Winner: Chris Settles def John Gardner by Submission (Guillotine), 2:43 of round 2

Professional Fights

Fight 9
Josh Hilliard (0-1) vs. Zach Cook (0-1) – Lightweight
Winner: Josh Hilliard def Zach Cook by Submission (Knee Slicer), 1:13 of round 2

Fight 10
Aaron Jeffery (0-0) vs. Matt Anderson (1-2) – Welterweight
Winner: Aaron Jeffery def Matt Anderson by Submission (Triangle), 1:45 of round 1