Results – Ohio Cage Combat – Seasons Beatings IV

Ohio Cage Combat - Seasons Beatings IV

Toledo, Ohio – We are at the St. Clements Hall for our final MMA show of the year. Ohio Cage Combat presents Seasons Beatings IV, is set with fourteen fights including two professional bouts. Among the amateurs, we will see a bantamweight title fight between Devin Mazik and Melvin Jackson.

Both Mazik and Jackon are coming off decision wins in their last outings. For Jackson, it was a close one as he picked up a split decision victory over Tim Frye. Whereas went five rounds with Jared Morris earlier this year picking up his first title as an amateur. Now he is looking to earn his second belt with a win over Jackson. Expect this fight to be the highlight of the night as each one is vying for the promotion’s bantamweight title.

Featured in the main event this evening is a middleweight professional bout between Jay Jackson and Jesse Murray. With an undefeated record, Murray comes into this bout with much hype as he looks to extend his unblemished record. Of course, he will not have an easy time though as has to square off against Jackson.

Tonight’s action is sanctioned under the Ohio Athletic Commission under the supervisor of Bernie Profato. We will be bringing you all of the coverage as it goes down courtesy of our great sponsors, UR Fight Gear. Be sure to check them out and tell them BluegrassMMA sent you.

Official Ohio Cage Combat – Seasons Beatings IV Results

Amateur Fights
Fight 1
Phil Zehner (0-0) vs. Stayce Jordan (0-0) – Welterweight
Winner: Phil Zehner by Unanimous Decision (No Scores Announced)

Fight 2
Jaylin Morris (0-0) vs. Jaelin Clay (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: Jaylin Morris by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), 1:22 of Rd 2

Fight 3
Alisa Hinkle (1-0) vs. Corrie Hunt (0-1) – Featherweight
Winner: Alisa Hinkle by Submission (Armbar), 0:27 of Rd 1

Fight 4
Anson Hunnell (1-0) vs. Brandon Carnes (0-0) – Lightweight
Winner: Anson Hunnell by Submission (Triangle), 1:26 of Rd 1

Fight 5
Marcus Torres (1-2) vs. Jake Beach (0-1) – Middleweight
Winner: Jake Beach by Submission (Guillotine), 0:33 of Rd 1

Fight 6
Brandon Leemaster (1-2) vs. Joey Hurtseller (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: Brandon Leemaster by Unanimous Decision (No Scores Announced)

Fight 7
Daniel Steck (0-0) vs. Chrisopher Lewis Jr. (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: Chris Lewis by Unanimous Decision (No Scores Announced)

Fight 8
Jeramy Steiner (1-1) vs. Zach Sumner (1-1) – Welterweight
Winner: Zach Sumner by Submission (Triangle), 0:55 of Rd 1
Fight 9
Andrew Zirkle (0-0) vs. Haitham Jaloudi (2-1) – Lightweight
Winner: Haitham Jaloudi by Submission (Guillotine), 0:59 of Rd 1

Fight 10
Christia Neal (0-0) vs. Curry Galazka (0-0) – Featherweight
Winner: Christina Neal by Split Decision (No Scores Anounnced)

Fight 11
Morgan Sheppard (4-4) vs. Kyle Cheatham (4-5) – Featheright
Winner: Kyle Cheatham by Unanimous Decision (No Scores Announnced)

Fight 12
Devin Mazik (3-1) vs. Melvin Jackson (3-4) – Bantamweight Title Fight
Winner: Devin Mazik by TKO (Strikes), 0:19 of Rd 3

Professional Fights

Fight 13
Joe Szcublewski (1-2) vs. Eugene Barrett (3-5) – Flyweight
Winner: Joe Szcublewski by Submission (Armbar), 4:34 of Rd 1

Fight 14
Jay Jackson (1-1) vs. Jesse Murray (1-0) – Middleweight
Winner: Jesse Murray by Submission (Triangle), 1:40 of Rd 1