Eric Moell to meet Lee Spurgeon for flyweight title

Lee Spurgeon and Eric Moell

It looks like Eric Moell will be stepping into the cage next month where he will have the opportunity to earn his first professional title. The last time I chatted with Moell, at Turf Wars 23, he alluded that a potential match-up was in the works. Well, it is now official.

I will be fighting March 7th in Kentucky for Warrior FC for their professional flyweight title,” stated Moell. “Excited to get back in the cage.” The Alliance MMA fighter has been out of action since his last fight back in August. He has taken the time away to focus on his personal life and get back into the gym following the loss to Manny Vasquez. Unlike his last several fights of being the hometown fighter, Moell will make his way into the backyard of Lee Spurgeon.

Just like his opponent, Spurgeon too is coming off a devastating first round knockout loss. The 22-year old is looking to rebound from his first KO. Did the quick knockout effect his confidence inside the cage? He suffered a decision loss in his professional debut but was able to bounce back with a submission win. Could this happen again? Well, with fighting anything is possible.

Should be a good professional match-up,” Warrior FC posted to their during the announcement. Not taking anything away from Spurgeon, but I think Moell is on another level talent-wise, and he has the experience coming into this fight. Personally, I would like to see Moell walk away victorious and pending no injuries, a quick turnaround. If the fight turns out as such, Moell should test the waters again with tougher competition.

This fight is the fourth official bout scheduled for Fair Fight Promotions / Hazard Invasion, which is set to take place on March 7 at the Sherman Neace Athletic Center in Hazard, Kentucky. Here is the official fight card as it stands currently:

– Chris Slone vs. Marco Hopkins
– George Campbell vs. Timmy Engle
– Mikey Sebastian vs. Brandon Bargo

Additional details, including fight bookings and promotion news, will be announced as information becomes available- stay tuned to