2016 BluegrassMMA Awards: Ring Announcer of the Year Nominees

2016 BluegrassMMA Awards: Matchmaker of the Year Nominees

2016 BluegrassMMA Awards: Matchmaker of the Year Nominees

The second of our two new awards is the 2016 BluegrassMMA Ring Announcer of the Year.

Our area features many ring announcers with vastly different styles, but each have unique characteristics that have put them near the top.

Check out our nominees for the Ring Announcer of the Year awards below.

Mike Collins

Collins the the announcer for his brother Jimbo’s Warrior FC promotion. One of his unique points is that he also performs The Star Spangled Banner himself at the start of each event.

Brady Davis

Davis is the announcer for Indiana’s Colosseum Combat, but he branched out in 2016, heading to Fort Wayne for Danger Zone, as well as Ohio for New League Fights. His trademark beard and catchphrase “Let’s Do This” are fan favorites.

Jake Digman

Digman is a longtime Ohio MMA ring announcer and is known for his passionate style inside the RFO cage. We just hope he doesn’t burst a blood vessel one of these days.

Cyrus Fees

Fees is one of the most versatile members of the MMA community. He’s gone from promoting, to commentating, and is also a top-notch ring announcer.

Nick Hahn

Hahn got his start in announcing for pro wrestling, but he’s also become a staple at IT Fight Series events in Ohio.

Jennifer Oxendine

The only woman on this list, Oxendine is the ring announcer for Tennessee’s Valor Fight and Apex Fights.

George Phillips

Phillips is known for his buttoned up style and professionalism. He’s the announcer for Justified Defiance Fight Series, Caged Madness, and MMA Brawlroom events, as well as multiple boxing promotions.

Jazz Securo

Securo is the announcer for World Series of Fighting, but he’s also known for his time inside the Pinnacle FC and NAAFS cages. His well-known catchphrase is “Somebody Make Some Noise.”

Rick Toms

Toms is another announcer who also works pro wrestling shows. He’s well known for his long hair and trademark tailcoat. You can see him at Absolute Action MMA events and others around the Ohio and Kentucky area.

Jason Weinel

Weinel is the well-known Hardrock MMA announcer, whose running commentary at events keeps fans entertained and on their toes.

Voting takes place now through Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. You may vote once per Facebook account.

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