Stephanie Eggnik submits Angela Magana; captures inaugural strawweight title

Stephanie Eggnik

Stephanie Eggnik

It was the moment we have all been waiting for, the crowing of the first ever women’s champion in XFC history. Pitted against one another in the main event of XFC 25 was Stephanie Eggnik and Angela Magana. It took Eggnik less than two rounds to finish the fight stopping Magana by leg triangle.

Speaking with Pat Miletich in the post-fight interview Eggnik was calm as the events that just took place did not seem like they have sunk in quite yet. She explained that the game plan headed into the bout was to lay back in the first to see what fight Magana was going to bring to the cage.

That is exactly how the first round went, Eggnik tried to keep the distance with kicks and jabs. She let everyone know that her training partner Shayna Baszler and her have been working hard on wrestling leading up to this bout. They wanted to avoid as many takedowns as they could. However Eggnik made it a point to explain that even though her wrestling is good, the takedown Magana scored was a legitimate one.

Once Magana secured the takedown it did not take long for Eggnik to work her way up into high guard position. This was something that Magana was aware of, studying this very thing trying to avoid it in this title fight. Unfortunately for Magana she was not able to stay away from the position.

The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioner quickly saw the opening available to her. She immediately locked on the leg triangle before Magana was able to defend against it. Once the submission was in place Eggnik quickly unloaded strikes to the head keeping Magana guessing. When the New Mexican native tried to defend against the punches to the head Eggnik cranked the submission hold forcing Magana to tapout.

Eggnik let go jumping, in jubilation as she knew history was just made. Looking unfazed and unscathed after the fight the newly crowned champion was more than excited to talk with Miletich. What is next for the champ is not known but seeing she did not take any significant damage a quick turnaround would not be out of the question.

Photo Courtesy of XFC