Nick Stuff claims he is the best amateur heavyweight in Ohio

Nick Stuff

Nick Stuff

“Fear the Beard” shirts were overrunning the Fredericktown Administration Building at EAC 6. The fans of the heavyweight champion Nick Stuff came out to support their favorite fighter as he was defending this title for the very first time.

His opponent, Branden Myers, almost silenced the crowd in the opening round of their main event bout when he came close to ending their bout.

The bell rang starting the fight between these two, and Myers came out with heavy shots throughout the first round. He caught the hometown favorite with a devastating punch that nearly dropped the champion. After the shot connected you could visibly see Stuff stumbling, trying to remain standing. Myers was not quick enough to capitalize on the situation giving his opponent just enough time to recover.

For the remainder of the opening round it looked like Stuff was going to play it safe, trying not make it the next. As the final seconds ticked down in the first round, taking the guarded route went out the window. Both Myers and Stuff let it all out as each one was swinging for the knockout finish. This made the crowd stand on their feet, erupting in support of the fighters. They made it apparent that this was the main event.

As the second round started it seemed like Stuff was a new fighter. The effects of the previous round were gone, as he pressed forward against Myers. With the crowd behind him he was able to turn his performance around, landing numerous shots. Connecting with shot after shot proved to be too much for Myers as he dropped down to the ground, forcing the ref to jump in after he was unable to intelligently defend himself.

Stuff was beside himself, in shock almost, that he was able to make it out of the opening round to finish the fight in the next. After the fight was over, he mentioned that he could not recall the events that transpired in the first round.

During the post-fight interview, he took the microphone, telling the crowd “I am the best amateur heavyweight in the state of Ohio.” That if anyone thinks otherwise to talk with Matt Trukovich who is hosting an event on May 31. He said he would like to fight anyone on that card. So the question we have to ask you, our followers, do you think he is the best amateur heavyweight in the state of Ohio? Whom do you think he should fight next?

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