Julio Gallegos calls for his shot at Bluegrass Brawl middleweight title


Julio Gallegos

The aftermath of last night’s main event were entertaining and interesting at best. Josh Clark put away Justin Gamble in the first round of their middleweight title fight inside of Heritage Hall to cap off a big night of fights for Bluegrass Brawl 14. Josh thanked everyone  and made his way out of the cage. Suprisingly, Justin Gamble proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the cage The lights came up and it was time to go hom. Right? Not so fast.

Julio Gallegos (7-4) was in attendance and he had something to say. Gallegos has been in some big fights and is a local fan favorite just as Clark is. Gallegos was a signed XFC fighter who fought several times on AXS TV as well as getting international exposure with M-1 Global. Julio was on a three fight winning streak before getting stopped in Russia last year. He has expressed his interest in fighting recently and it seemed like a good opportunity for him to vocalize what he wanted.

Gallegos stepped into the cage and called for his shot at Clark’s title. Clark seemed hesitant stating that he was on the way up and was looking to get back to the UFC. Gallegos countered with he had nothing to lose and to make it happen. Julio went to Facebook earlier today to ask fans to rally behind him and this fight.

Bluegrass Brawl I want that 185 Belt that Josh Clark won tonight & I want to fight him. Make some noise don’t let Josh vacate the belt! Let Bluegrass Brawl & Josh Clark know. I have fought all around the world I have nothing to lose, I’m a fighter I’m ready to fight!!!!! No bull×××× or excuses point blank. Make it happen fans, how can u be a champ if u have never fought the best in the state! I am the best 185 in KENTUCKY!

Is this a fight you’d like to see? Will Josh Clark come home and defend his title or will he vacate the title? We shall find out come December.