Results – Fight Lab 42

Fight Lab 42 Official Results

We aren’t in the Ohio Valley, but we are in the land of one of the top promotions on the east coast. Fight Lab will close out the year tonight at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte. Tonight’s event will feature five professional bouts as well as an amateur title fight. A special charity grappling match is also booked between MMA personalities Ryan “Mouth of the South” Gibson and Brad “Storm” Lanoue.

Headlining Fight Lab 42 is the main event match-up between Keith “The Rockstar” Richardson (11-6) and Rusty Crowder (4-3). The two featherweights are coming off wins headed into the final event of the year for the North Carolina-based promotion. In the co-main event, we will see a highly anticipated bout featuring Cody Wilson (6-1) and Elder Ramos (8-5). These two will clash in the welterweight division with the winner placing himself amongst the top of their respective weight class. We will be bringing you all of the action as it goes down from the Grady Cole Center.

Fight 1 – Da’ Mon Blackshear (1-0) vs. Tony Gravely (2-0) – Bantamweight
Round 1: Tony might have took the first with a last second takedown. Prior to the takedown, Da’Mon was mostly in control of the round with an aggressive pursuit of Tony but was not able to connect with any devastating strikes.

Round 2: The second started with Tony getting a takedown but Da’Mon wasted no time in getting back to his feet. The two were clinched up against the age with Da’Mon on the outside landing numerous knee strikes to the midsection and thigh of Tony. Getting the underhooks Tony was able to circle out of the clinch. Da’Mon landed more knees to the midsection backing Tony up to the other side of the cage- in the process Tony was able to secure a takedown. The bell sounded moments after the two landed on the ground.

Round 3: Da’Mon came out strong and aggressive to start the round backing Tony into the cage with an onslaught of strikes. The momentum did not last as Da’Mon seemed gassed from the attack and Tony was able to take him down to the ground. Not much action occurred once the two fighters hit the ground. After nearly a minute of a stalemate Da’Mon was able to maneuver his way out from underneath getting back-control of Tony looking for a rear-naked choke but was unable to secure it. Tony was able to get to his feet after the submission attempt was unsuccessful and the final bell sounded moments later.

Winner: Da’Mon Blackshear def Tony Gravely by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Fight 2 – Ryan Gibson vs. Brad Lanoue (Charity Grappling Match)
Winner: Brad Lanoue def Ryan Gibson by Submission

Fight 3 – Rodney Jordan vs. Brandon Boone (Gi Grappling Match)
Winner: Rodney Jordan def Brandon Boone by Submission at 4:12

Fight 4 – Johnny Hoctor (0-0) vs. Wayne Martin (3-0) – Middleweight
Round 1: Johnny attempted to come forward with an offensive attack but was meant with a counterstrike from Wayne that proceeded to to come with numerous strikes including hooks to the head and body. Johnny clinched up with Wayne to avoid further damage- as the two were up against the cage you could see Wayne was not having none of that. Wayne circled out of the clinch and landed a few more left and right hooks with one connecting dropping Jonny down to the ground. Knowing he was out, Wayne proceeded to walk away but the referee did not stop the fight right away so Wayne hit Johnny, who was still out on the ground, with a hammerfist- the referee stepped in after the final shot to call the fight.

Winner: Wayne Martin def Johnny Hoctor by KO at 1:19 of Round 1

Fight 5 – Eric Martinez (0-1) vs. Michael Whaley (1-1) – Flyweight
Round 1: Both Eric and Michael came out fast but it is Michael who is getting the better of the two to start the fight. Bouncing in and out, Michael is able to connect with what appears to be wild shots but practically all of them are landing. Now mixing in leg strikes it looks like Eric is a bit outclassed against the relentless Michael. Eric was able to score a takedown but the it only lasted seconds on the ground as Michael was able to escape and get back to his feet. Looking to score one final takedown before the round ended, Eric came up short as Michael was able to defend the attempt and the round came to an end.

Round 2: Michael again starts the round on the attack with Eric having his hands up trying to defend the strikes. Eric is finally able to land a few strikes of his own which seems to be slowing Michael down considerably. Eric uses this to score a takedown but stands back to his feet giving Michael enough time to get back to his. Eric scores another takedown. As Michael attempts to stand-up Eric lands a tough sounding knee straight to the sternum of Michael. With the round coming to a close Michael looks for a takedown of his own but Eric is able to defend it landing some strikes before the bell sounds.

Round 3: Michael looks just as fresh as he did in the first round but Eric is having none of it scoring a takedown. The fight of course does not last long on the ground as Michael is able to reserve it almost scoring the back of Eric but the two get right back to their feet. The two go back and forth until Michael is able to score one last takedown before the round ends. It’s safe to say that Michael should have this fight wrapped up.

Winner: Michael Whaley def Eric Martinez by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Fight 6 – Maddison Hobbs (1-0) vs. Cordarro Harper (1-0) – Welterweight
Round 1: Madison starts the fight out with some kicks to the thigh of Cordarro who counters with a nice straight. Cordarro is able to score a takedown afterwards getting half-guard and landing shots to the ribs of Madison. Flattening Madison out, Cordarro is working to get side-control landing a many unanswered strikes in the process. As the ten second bell sounds Cordarro stands up to his feet with Madison still on the ground hovering over him throwing strikes until the referee steps in at the sound of the bell.

Round 2: The two stand in the center of the cage exchanging kicks. Cordarro scores another takedown early on transitioning to side-control where he lands a couple knee strikes to the ribs of Madison. Cordarro stands to his feet allowing Madison to get back to his feet. After the two circle Cordarro comes rushing with an overhand right, dropping to a takedown but Madison is able to defend it with the two of them clinched up in the corner. When the ten second bell sounds Madison abandons the clinch dropping for a takedown of his own and is able to secure it as the final bell sounds.

Round 3: Cordarro starts the round off with a takedown but instead of keeping it on the ground gets right back up to his feet. Moving forward and pressuring Madison, Cordarro is able to land a nice combination before the two back off and circle one another. With what looks like a mile between them, Cordarro is able to shoot in to score another takedown where he is looking to transition to side-control. Madison has Cordarro in the butterfly guard, and as the ten second bell sounds Cordarro backs off stands to his feet looking to land one more strike before the final bell.

Winner: Cordarro Harper def Madison Hobbs by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Fight 7 – Rob Tate vs. Patrick Le (Gi Grappling Match)
Winner: Patrick Le def Rob Tate by Submission (Armbar) at 1:28

Fight 8 – Marcus Fludd (5-3) vs. Grant Shanaman (3-1) – Lightweight Title
Round 1: The two instantly clinch up against the cage with Grant having outside control. Grant is landing some knees and strikes- working Marcus who is trying to gain underhooks. Giving up the attacks from clinch, Grant drops to his knees scoring a takedown. From the ground Marcus is trying hard to get the ankle of Grant who is trying his best to avoid any attempt at a submission. The two finally get back to their feet but just for a moment as the fight goes back to the ground with Marcus having Grant in a guillotine choke. The choke doesn’t last long as Grant gets out and stand back to his feet landing some short but effective strikes to Marcus. The two are back in the clinch and as the ten second bell sounds they break it off and exchange some shots as the final bell sounds.

Round 2: Grant starts off the round off strong landing a shot that appears to drop Marcus but he is able to recover before Grant is able to seize any opportunity. As the two are clinched up against the cage Grant attempts a hip-toss but as they fall to the ground Marcus is able to reverse the attempt and gain back control where he is able to lock on a rear-naked choke. Just seconds after the choke is applied, Grant taps out.

Winner: Marcus Fludd def Grant Shanaman by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:21 of Round 2

Fight 9 – CJ Murdock vs. John Piper – (Gi Grappling Match)
Winner: John Piper def CJ Murdock by Submission at 4:19

Fight 10 – Duran McDonald (4-2) vs. Brandon Schofield (3-1) – Light Heavyweight
Round 1: The two of them instantly clinch up with Brandon on the outside. They make their off the cage with Brandon landing a quick knee to the midsection of Duran then dropping to his knees for a takedown attempt. Duran stops the attempt, with Brandon getting back to his feet before he attempts one more- he was able to secure the takedown on the second attempt. Duran was able to quickly back to his feet where he landed a nice combination forcing Brandon to retreat. The ref briefly steps in to check to see if Duran hit Brandon with an illegal blow to the head (he didn’t). Once the fight resumed Brandon attempted another takedown but was reversed and Duran gained control of gaining top position before the bell sounded ending the round.

Round 2: Brandon comes out to the center pressuring Duran and the two clinch up against the cage with Brandon having outside control again. It looks like Brandon was attempting to bring Duran to the ground as he fell to his back but Brandon reversed getting top control landing some nice strikes. Brandon was able to get out of the bad position working his way back up to his feet where he took Duran right back down to the ground. Duran attempted to push Brandon off with his legs and tried to get up but Brandon rushed over to Duran gaining back control. As the ten second bell sounded Brandon relinquished his submission attempt and threw as many strikes as he could before the final bell.

Round 3: Brandon takes center and attempts two takedowns both were unsuccessful and Duran begins to rain down shots but before any real damage can occur the ref steps. Duran hit Brandon on the back of the end. The fight resumes and instantly Brandon attempts another takedown but is stopped and Duran begins to unload hammerfists strikes. Brandon weathers the storm and holds on to the ankle of Duran where he is able to get him down to the ground. Quickly transitioning while on the ground Brandon gains control of Durans back where he flattens him and and lands very slow but powerful strikes. Duran is not doing much to defend the strikes forcing the referee to step in to call the fight.

Winner: Brandon Schofield def Duran McDonald by TKO (Strikes) at 2:18 of Round 3

Professional Fights

Fight 11 – Trey Singleton (0-0) vs. Chris Connor (0-0) – Bantamweight
Round 1: Chris comes out right away throwing an straight then immediately going for the takedown attempt. Chris is able to hip-toss Trey down to the ground where he gains side-control and has a side choke locked in. Trey manages to escape from the choke and work to his feet but only briefly as Chris takes him back down to the ground. Reversing from the bottom, Trey is able to get on top maneuvering himself to gain the back of Chris where he flattens him out and begins to unload a barrage of strikes forcing the referee to step in to call the fight.

Winner: Trey Singleton def Chris Connor by TKO (Strikes) at 2:15 of Round 1

Fight 12 – Willie Hosch (3-1) vs. Brett Glass (4-2) – Lightweight
Round 1: The fight starts off with the two of them circling and aside from an exchange of kicks not much happens until Willie goes for a kick to the body. Brett rushes Willie during the kick and the two tangle up in a clinch each looking for a takedown. They get to the ground, with Willie taking advantage of the situation but the two are quick and full of energy right now and they each get right back to their feet. Brett tries to keep Willie at a distance with a high kick but that doesn’t deter Willie as he comes in close, locks up with Brett and takes him down to the ground. Brett is able to get back to his feet and they cinch up against the cage with Willie getting outside control. The two are frantically looking for a break, working hard to gain position but neither is able to do much before the bell sounds.

Round 2: They clinch up to start the round with each exchanging shots but nothing of significance at this point. Willie tries to judo toss Brett to the ground but is unsuccessful and the two break off from the clinch. Shooting in, Willie is stopped by Brett at first but not letting up on the attempt is able to hold on and eventually gets the takedown. From the bottom Brett is able to roll Willie over to briefly get his back before the both of them are able to get back up. It looks like Willie wants to take this fight to the ground and clinches up with Brett against the cage. As the ten second bell sounds Willie tries to score one final takedown but doing so leaves him open to a few dangerous elbows to the head from Brett. Willie does get a takedown at the final second of the round.

Round 3: As the final round starts, Willie immediately goes for and secures a takedown. Brett is doing more damage from the bottom, landing strikes and looking for a submission. Brett is able to roll out from underneath getting to his feet but Willie holds on to him the entire time and gets him right back down to the ground. Willie stands up to his feet, as does Brett and throws to quick punches and then goes right back to the takedown attempt- gets it of course. Brett works his way up the cage getting back to his feet but that doesn’t last as Willie picks him up and slams him down to the ground. Willie throws some strikes in the process and is able to maneuver to half-guard position. The fight ends in this position but not before the two of them exchange shots- none of the strikes were noteworthy.

Winner: Willie Hosch def Brett Glass by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Fight 13 – Tommy Dibernardo (2-1) vs. Nick Grady (1-1) – Middleweight
Round 1: These two have have some bad blood between them. The two of them are moving quick to start the fight but Tommy has the advantage as he quickly takes Nick down the ground, grabs the his back but Nick stands up holding him up. Tommy is looking for the rear-naked but is not able to secure it. Nick gets out of the submission knocking Tommy off balance where he falls to the ground and Nick is hovering over him unloading some nasty strikes. On his back Tommy is trying his best to get back to his feet but Tommy holds on to his foot where he cranks his it forcing Tommy to tap out.

Winner: Nick Grady def Tommy Dibernardo by Submission (Toe Hold) at 1:21 of Round 1

Fight 14 – Cody Wilson (6-1) vs. Elder Ramos (8-5) – Welterweight
Round 1: The match-up starts off a little slow with each fighter tossing some feeler shots but it’s Cody that is being more aggressive with his shots. You can see each of them are waiting for that opening as they are methodical about throwing there shots. Elder lands a nice combination that appears to stun Cody but Elder fails to follow it up. Cody is letting his shots flow more than Elder but none are of significant power. Cody lands a solid body kick but it caught by Elder who then kicks his other leg from underneath him forcing Cody to fall to the ground. Nothing happens and Cody gets right back to his feet. Both of them are landing some power shots bouncing in and out but again neither of them are following the shots up. As the ten second bell sounds Cody lands a nice hook fazing Elder who quickly recovers to maneuver his way out of danger landing a nice combination before the final bell.

Round 2: Cody comes running out to the center of the cage to greet Elder. The two resume their back and forth single shots before Cody accidentally kicks Elder in the groin- forcing a stop in the action. The fight resumes. Elder shots in for a takedown but is stopped and the two get back to their feet and Cody lands a nice shot and almost lands a knee as Elder backs away. The two are looking for the knockout, swinging with some nasty, powerful strikes. As the two are scrambling, Elder returns the favor, on accident of course, with a kick to Cody’s groin. The fight resumes. Cody keeps the pressure tight lands a nice combination follows it up with another one but Elder is able to block and Cody backs off. Elder throws a low weak kick and Cody counters with a straight and hook to drop Elder to the ground but he wasn’t badly hurt as he quickly recovered getting right back to his feet. Cody keeps the pressure tight landing some good shots but is failing to follow through with additional strikes. As the ten second bell sounds Elder is able to land a solid strike but the final bell sounds and is unable to do anything with it.

Round 3: The two once again start this round off bouncing in and out looking for that one shot to end the fight. You can tell Elder is waiting for that counter shot to end the fight which so far has eluded him. Cody is keeping the pressure on Elder, forcing him to fight in retreat. Elder lands a nice shot to the chin of Cody who somehow is still standing and continuing to move forward. Cody has Elder up against the cage in the clinch looking to land a big knee but is unable to as Elder escapes. The two end just slinging some shots but nothing that stands out or noteworthy before the final bell. Although the action might not have seemed like it was there this could very well be fight of the night.

Winner: Cody Wilson def Elder Ramos by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Fight 15 – Keith Richardson (11-6) vs. Rusty Crowder (4-3) – Featherweight
Round 1: Keith starts the fight off with a nice combination to push Rusty back into the cage. Keith follows it up with another combo closing it out with a kick. Rusty is able to escape off the cage but ends up right back in the clinch but this time on the opposite side of the cage. Keith is looking for and gets the takedown landing in half-guard position. Keith stands to his feet hovering over Rusty looking to pass guard but eats a hair of upkicks- nothing too damaging. Keith drops back down into the guard to avoid more upkicks. Keith continues to pursue the transition to a better position but Rusty is doing a great job at keeping Keith in his guard. Once again Keith goes back to his feet hovering over Rusty and almost ends up in triangle submission. Having enough Keith stands up and lets Rusty get back to his feet as well. The two instantly clinch up moving to the cage with Rusty on the outside with control. Nothing further happens at this point as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Rusty comes out pressuring Keith but is not able to pull off any strikes as the end up in the clinch. Keith drags Rusty down to the ground where he stands right back up hovering over Rusty looking to pass the guard position again. Keith lands a pair of shots to the face of Rusty who in turns pulls Keith to him to avoid further damage. Keith is able to slip a leg out to gain half-guard while looking to get his other leg free in the process. Now Keith is attempting to go for the kimura submission, but doesn’t have enough room to pull it off as they are up against the cage. Keith lets go of the submission attempt and ends up in full-guard position. The round comes to a close with the two of them in this position.

Round 3: Rusty is coming out assuming he knows that he needs this round and possibly a finish to win the bout. He lands a nice combination but the two end up in the clinch with Keith looking the takedown. Keith is able to pick secure another takedown this time with the best position he has had all night. Now in side control, Keith is applying pressure to the face of Rusty with his forearm. Keith does nothing to further his position and Rusty is able to get Keith back into full-guard position. Nothing of significance happens for the final minutes until the ten second bell sounds and the two begin to swing wildly from the guard position. Finally the bell sounds ending the round and the fight. Keith should easily win this fight by unanimous decision.

Winner: Keith Richard def Rusty Crowder by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)