Rocky Edwards loses fight but wins at life

Rocky Edwards

Photo: Jessica Edwards Facebook

Rocky Edwards may have come up short in his Gladiators of the Cage 15 main event fight Saturday night but he notched a win on the side of just being a good dude. Winter is upon us and that means the usual snowfall as well as slick roads. Rocky rolled up on an accident and sprung into action when it was noticed help was needed.

Here is Jessica Edwards’ account of the incident which she posted on Facebook.

17 year old driver slipped on ice and lost control. Got everyone out safely. 5 women including an infant. carried two ladies to safety while I fished out the rest of grandma’s heart medicine. Cops and ambulance arrived to warm everyone up. Mom reeked of stale beer… Crazy how quick life can get serious. Drive safe and make the decisions your family doesn’t have to pay for!

It’s real easy to sit back and do nothing but hat’s off to Edwards for being the good Samaritan. How can you not like a story such as this to start your week. Great job Rocky.

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