V3Fights Director of Operations Justin Craven in critical condition

Justin Craven Car Crash

As of now the future is unknown for one of Tennessee’s most beloved members of the MMA community. After Justin Craven, an SPC, 11B, with the 2-198 CAB of the Mississippi National Guard, left Marathon Music Works he was involved in an automobile accident. The incident has left V3Fights Director of Operations in critical condition.

To our knowledge, it is not known exactly how the accident occurred. Given the icy conditions on Saturday night we can only speculate at this point that while driving home he hit a patch of ice that sent his vehicle out of control. We tried to search through news reports out of Memphis but came up empty handed. We will keep you updated as more news becomes available.

, he was placed in intensive care at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee with a crushed pelvis, a destroyed lung and on ventilator support falling the accident. As of yesterday, it appears Craven has improved but is still in serious condition. His mother, Lauri McMillen Dixon, posted this update yesterday evening:

Update on Bub…..today was a good day. They sat him up in the bed so some swelling went down but it’s expected to come back. His color was good today. The oxygen machine was at 80% which is great bc that’s as low as it’s been since he got there. It was 100 % yesterday. He is as of now off of the blood pressure meds. His blood pressure is stable and where they want it to be. We were able to actually spend time with the nurses tonight and ask a bunch of questions. They answered every question we had. They suggested that although we understand everyone’s love and concern it may be best while he is on the oscillator to only have family back to see him. When he is off of the machines and shows more signs of improvement then we will be able to bring more people back. We can’t tell you all enough how grateful we are for all of ur thoughts and prayers and support for u all who have kept us and Bub company over the past 2 days and also for those of u from home who have kept Bub in ur prayers too. He would be so overwhelmed with the overflow of love and concern. Please continue to pray for Justin. Pray for his strength and healing and also for the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him. Thank u all again!!!!!

How You Can Help

A gofundme account has been set-up for Justin to help relieve some of the stress on the family for his medical cost. As of this posting, the account has raised nearly $1,000 with a goal of $10,000.

In addition to the gofundme account, another fundraiser has been created to help his family, the “Play 4 Cra” co-ed volleyball tournament. The charity event will be hosted at Marion United Methodist Church on Saturday, March 14; for more information, please visit the .

You can also donate blood to support Justin. Go to any Red Cross or Lifeblood location, we are assuming within the Memphis, Tennessee vicinity, and tell them you are donating for Justin Craven.

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