Results – Valor Fights 38

Damir Ferhatbegovic vs. Charlie Alexander | Valor Fights 38

Damir Ferhatbegovic vs. Charlie Alexander | Valor Fights 38

Valor Fights 38 marked the promotion’s debut in Nashville, as the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena played host to the event.


A lot of stars were in attendance for the fight card that was streamed live on FloCombat, as many pro wrestlers were there for the highly anticipated professional MMA debut of former WWE, TNA, and ECW star David “Kid” Cash. TNA commentator Josh Matthews even stood in on commentary for the event alongside Vince Ferrara and Casey Oxendine.

The fight card featured many rising stars under the Valor Fights banner, including unbeaten featherweight Damir Ferhatbegovic, who moved to 3-0 with a first round submission win over Charlie Alexander.

Check out full results from Valor Fights 38 below.

Damir Ferhatbegovic vs. Charlie Alexander

Both fighters opened up throwing big bombs, with each landing clean shots early on. Ferhatbegovic appeared to get the upper hand early on, opening up with combinations before eventually looking for the takedown. After a high crotch attempt was blocked, he switched to a double leg and finished the takedown. Alexander quickly made it back to his feet, and began to turn the tide as he looked to grab a guillotine. Ferhatbegovic snuck out, and they returned to the center of the cage. Alexander slipped on a kick attempt with less than two minutes to go, and followed up by landing a big right hand. Then, an Alexander takedown attempt was stuffed, and Ferhatbegovic used the position to pull guard and finish lock in a guillotine choke to earn the tap and remain unbeaten.

Cromwell Stewart vs. Sawyer Rich

Cromwell Stewart spent the first round of the bout using his wrestling advantage in the fight. He intermittently postured up and threw big punches, but toward the last few seconds of the round, Rich returned to his feet and landed a few shots before the bell.

In the second round, Stewart started to work his striking, as a cut was opened above his own left eye. Halfway through the second frame, Cromwell got the fight back to the ground, as he began landing more ground and pound against Rich. Rich briefly gave up his back, but regained half guard before once again returning to his feet in the last few seconds before the horn.

Stewart got the fight to the ground once again in the third, as he fed Rich some elbows as he looked for the kimura. Cromwell continued to work ground and pound in half guard, and eventually he made it to full mount with about 90 seconds to go. Rich turned his back in the final minute, and Stewart flattened him out and began to land unanswered blows before the referee eventually stopped the bout.

David “Kid” Cash vs. Lindsey Jones

Jones came out looking to trade early, and he landed a left hand counter off of a leg kick before forcing the clench. The 22-year-old Jones immediately began to land uppercuts, and one eventually landed that dropped the 47-year-old Cash. The referee jumped in to halt the bout and Jones was declared the winner.

Edward Massey vs. Ace Samples

Samples came out aggressive as he looked for his second win in a row. Massey turned the tide, however, as he locked in a triangle choke to get the tap 3 minutes into the first round.

Nathan Lindsey vs. Dre Miley

The fight started off a bit slow with the two fighters feeling each other out throughout the first round. Miley, whose left eye is non-functioning, may have stolen the first frame with some aggressive offense just before the bell.

Miley changed his game plan in the second and landed the takedown, but it was Lindsey who was able to capitalize on the position, eventually locking in the guillotine and forcing the tap just over a minute into the round.

Cole Ferrell vs. Donald Hockenberry

The 44-year-old Hockenberry came out fast and got the fight to the ground, but the younger Ferrell was quickly able to turn the tide and end up on top. Eventually, he took the back and looked for a rear naked choke. Unable to finish the choke, he started to reign down blows as Hockenberry covered up. After about a dozen unanswered blows, the referee called a stop to the bout.

Valor Fights 38 results

Amateur Bouts:

  • Fight 1 – Sam Woods (1-0) def. Demetrius Mitchell (0-1) via Unanimous Decision (30-26 x3) – 165 lbs Catchweight Muay Thai
  • Fight 2 – Doug Morley (3-2) vs. Cody Jordan (2-3) via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) – Bantamweight Muay Thai
  • Fight 3 – Arturo Salomon (1-0) def. Marchall McCollum (1-1) via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) – 165 lbs Catchweight Muay Thai
  • Fight 4 – Christian Bowling (3-0) def. Thaddeus Reyes (0-1) via Submission (Von Flue choke) – Round 1 – Lightweight
  • Fight 5 – Shane Shaffner (3-0) def. Sentrell Brazelton (4-2) via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) – Flyweight
  • Fight 6 – Arthur Walcott-Ceesay (3-0) def. Tyler Wright (3-2) via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3) – 150 lbs Catchweight
  • Fight 7 – Amun Cosme (3-0) def. Ahva Mayi (1-1) via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) – Apex Fights Featherweight Title
  • Fight 8 – Chris Ocon (4-0) def. Champ Bret Adams (7-1) via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) – Bantamweight Title
  • Fight 9 – Thomas Wooley (4-1) def. Tyler Edwards (3-1) via Submission (armbar) – Round 1, 1:05 – Featherweight Title
  • Fight 10 – Lance Whyte (2-1) def. Byron Morgan (3-1) via Verbal Submission (injury) – Round 2, 0:23 – Middleweight Title

Pro Bouts:

  • Fight 11 – Cole Ferrell (1-0) def. Donald Hockenberry (0-3) via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 2:38 – Bantamweight
  • Fight 12 – Nathan Lindsey (1-0) def. Dre Miley (1-1) via Submission (guillotine) – Round 2, 1:08 – 130 lbs Catchweight
  • Fight 13 – Edward Massey (3-0) def. Ace Samples (2-2) via Submission (triangle) – Round 1, 3:00 – Bantamweight
  • Fight 14 – Lindsey Jones (1-0) def. David “Kid” Cash (0-1) via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 0:39 – Welterweight
  • Fight 15 – DJ Miller (3-1) def. Nick Martino (0-1) via TKO (elbows) – Round 1, 3:22 – Welterweight Muay Thai
  • Fight 16 – Cromwell Stewart (2-1-1) def. Sawyer Rich (1-1) via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 4:16 – 150 lbs Catchweight
  • Fight 17 – Damir Ferhatbegovic (3-0) def. Charlie Alexander (0-1) via Submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 4:22 – Featherweight

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