Jessica Eye set to compete at Fight to Win Pro 32 in Cleveland

Jessica Eye / Photo credit: Jeff Sherwood/

Fight to Win Pro 32 is set to go down on April 21 in Cleveland, and some familiar names will be in action at the event.

Perhaps the biggest name on the card familiar to MMA fans is current UFC bantamweight Jessica Eye, who will face Nikki Sullivan in a 135-pound purple belt no-gi matchup. Eye represents Strong Style Fight Team out of Cleveland, while Sullivan will make the trek from Indiana to represent Nice Guys BJJ.

Eye’s BJJ coach at Strong Style Pablo Castro will take part in the co-main event, as he faces New Breed’s Mark Vives in a 175-pound black belt no-gi matchup.

The main event features Easton BJJ’s John Combs vs. Andris Brunovskis in a 170-pound black belt gi matchup.

Other names familiar to MMA fans who are set to compete include Strong Style’s Luka Strezoski, Easton BJJ’s Chris Mierzwiak, Xander Harwood, and Ryan Arreola.

Fight to Win Pro 32 streams live via FloGrappling. Check out the full lineup below.

Fight to Win Pro 32 card

Main Event: 170lb Black Belt Gi
John Combs (Easton BJJ) Vs Andris Brunovskis (Atos)

Co-Main Event: 175lb Black Belt No-Gi
Pablo Castro (Brasa) Vs Mark Vives (New Breed)

155lb Black Belt Gi
John Lawrence (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu) Vs Christopher Kriebel (Nova Uniao)

150lb Black Belt No-Gi
Micah Crouse (Relson Gracie) Vs Darren Branch (Gracie Humaita)

180lb Black Belt Gi
Paul Bartholet (Team Chard) Vs David Lamagna (Guerilla Jiu Jitsu)

135lb Black Belt No-Gi
Rob Hileman (Leverage BJJ) Vs Tommy Costa (High Ground Jiu Jitsu)

200lb Black Belt Gi
BJ Nelson (Super System BJJ) Vs Louis Armezzani (Pride Lands PGH)

185lb Black Belt No-Gi
Michael Mihas (Next Level) Vs Jay Wadsworth (BJJ Revolution)

215lb Black Belt Gi
Mark Stefanac Vs Danny Agemy (Detroit BJJ)

180lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Dante Leon (GFTeam) Vs Luka Strezoski (Brasa)

195lb Brown Belt Gi
William Overton (Chard BJJ) Vs Chris Mierzwak (Easton BJJ)

170lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Brad Bukovics (Griffonrawl) Vs Chris Collins (SAS)

170lb Brown Belt Gi
Carlo Claridad (Gracie Humaita) Vs Christopher Bonezzi (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu)

155lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Andrew Sabatino (SAS) Vs Eric Parker (Team Chard)

205lb Brown Belt Gi
Zac Scott (SAS) Vs Brett Rix (Fuse Martial Arts)

165lb Brown Belt Gi
Daniel Sweeney (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu) Vs Carlos Mendez (Relson Gracie)

145lb Brown Belt No-Gi
Tom Scala (Leverage BJJ) Vs Jon Bowers (10th Planet)

190lb Brown Belt Gi
Tom Kozlowski (SAS) Vs Erick Waller (Hurricane Jiu Jitsu)

Female 135lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Jessica Eye (Brasa) Vs Nikki Sullivan (Nice Guys BJJ)

185lb Purple Belt Gi
Adam Nail (Waterhouse) Vs Jacob Propst (Consecution Jiu Jitsu)

Heavyweight Purple Gi
Jared Bergen (Gracie Humaita) Vs Chris Roberson (BJJ Revolution)

195lb Purple Belt Gi
Scott Cook (SAS) Vs Chris Pirro (Rio Pro BJJ)

150lb Purple Belt No-Gi
Kyle Hido (Team Pedro Sauer) Vs Xander Harwood (Waterhouse BJJ)

185lb Purple Belt Gi
Tim Hartzell (Easton Coast MMA) Vs Mike Hluhan (GFTeam)

200lb Purple Belt Gi
Emil Fischer (Brasa) Vs Garry Hasman (Relson Gracie)

135lb Female Purple Belt Gi
Gabriella McAuliffe (Rio Pro BJJ) Vs Tamara Leonard (Adventure Martial Arts)

160lb Purple Belt Gi
Tim Plazak (East Coast MMA) Vs Ricardo Meija (SAS)

160lb Purple Belt Gi
Marcus Crawford (Gracie Humaitá) Vs Ryan Arreola ()

115lb Green Belt Gi
Thomas Ceculski Iii (Brasa) Vs Haven Lefay (Zenith)

130lb Yellow Belt No-Gi
Alyssa Pirro( Rio Pro BJJ) Vs Izzy Cochran (Relson Gracie)

95lb Orange Belt Gi
Pito Castro (Brasa) Vs Jc Morgan (Detroit Jiu Jitsu)

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