Results: RFO Big Guns 23

Charles Bennett vs. Cody Stevens

Charles Bennett vs. Cody Stevens

It’s happening! RFO Big Guns 23 was scheduled to take place last weekend but mother nature had other plans so tonight marks the promotions efforts in Cleveland with 15 fights including local favorite Cody Stevens as he meets Charles Bennett in the main event at the Cleveland Masonic Auditorium.

The event is airing live on so be sure to sign up and take advantage of the roster that includes Valor Fights, NEF and more.

Stay close to BluegrassMMA for the up to the minute results and follow us on Twitter at for reactions and commentary of the night’s event.

RFO Big Guns 23

Fight 1: Justin Meese (2-2) vs. Roger Rice (2-2)
Result- Roger Rice def. Justin Meese by Split Decision

Fight 2: Marlon Baker (3-1) vs. Chris Fattig (2-0)
Result- Chris Fattig def. Marlon Baker by Submission (Rear Naked Choke),  2:05 Rd 2

Fight 3:Robert Johnston (2-4) vs. Tyree Johnson (5-9)
Result- Tyree Johnson def. Robert Johnston by Submission (Keylock), 1:39 Rd 1

Fight 4: Max Meese (1-0) vs. Robert Presley (1-1)
Result- Max Meese def. Robert Presley by Submission (Rear Naked Choke),  1:26 Rd 1

Fight 5: Joseph Rickert (0-0) vs. Roman Krizan (0-0)
Result- Roman Krizan def. Joseph Rickert by TKO, Rd 2

Fight 6: Mike Seibert (4-5) vs. Matt Matlock (2-4)
Result – Mike Seibert def. Matt Matlock by (T)KO, Rd 1

Fight 7: Desmond Ford (4-5) vs. Brandon Odom (12-16)
Result – Brandon Odom def. Desmond Ford by Submission (Armbar),  2:17 Rd 2

Fight 8: Shinju Nozawa-Auclair (1-0) vs. Chelsea Lagrasse (1-0)
Result- Chelsea Lagrasse def. Shinju Nozawa-Auclair by DQ (Head kick), Rd 1

Fight 9: Marcus Williamson (1-1-1) vs. Cameron McIntosh (2-0)
Result – Cameron McIntosh def. Marcus Williamson by TKO, Rd 1

Fight 10: Eric Bradley (6-0) vs. Josh Krizan (8-1)
Result- Josh Krizan def Eric Bradley

Fight 11: J’mar Moore (4-0) vs. Alex Johnston (4-1)
Result- Alex Johnston def, J’mar Moore by Unanimous Decision

Fight 12: Dequan Townsend (15-6) vs. Luka Strezoski (5-0)
Result- Luka Strezoski def. Dequan Townsend by Submission (Heel Hook), 1:42 Rd 1

Fight 13: Carlos Yanez (1-1) vs. Dru Schottenheimer (2-1)
Result- Dru Schottenheimer def. Carlos Yanez by TKO, 1:02 Rd 1

Fight 14: Mike Cardona (2-2) vs. JT Miller (2-1)
Result- JT Miller def. Mike Cardona by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 1:39 Rd 1

Fight 15: Cody Stevens (12-9-1) vs. Charles Bennett (29-30-2)
Result- Cody Stevens def. Charles Bennett by Unanimous Decision

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