Results – XFC 27: Frozen Fury

Results: XFC 27

Results: XFC 27

The action taking place inside LC Walker Pavilion is heating things up Muskegon. XFC 27: Frozen Fury ventures north to Michigan for the first time with this stacked card. The event features some local fighters from around the region as well as some top contenders from around the country.

10 fights are slated to take place with 6 of them scheduled to air live on AXStv. One of the match-ups that features fighters with local, Ohio Valley roots is one between Dom Steele (9-4) and Ryan Thomas (19-7). Steele who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio is making his XFC debut against a very tough Thomas who makes his fourth appearance for the promotion. Thomas is originally from Indianola, Illinois now resides in Coconut Creek, Florida where he trains with the world renowned American Top Team.

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  • Jacob Butler def Joel Vincent via TKO at 2:15 in Rd 1
  • Roy Saldana def Andres Torres via Submission (RNC) at 02:34 of Rd 2
  • Drew Morais def David Rohn via Submission (Guillotine) at 02:09 of Rd 1
  • Shamir Garcia def Ray Lopez via Submission at 04:32 in Rd 3

Main Card
Dom Steele (9-4) vs Ryan Thomas (19-7) – Welterweight
Winner: Dom Steele def Ryan Thomas via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Recap: Steele came out of the gates ready to swing with Thomas, however Thomas had a different approach. Thomas shot in for the takedown, but was stopped from getting it. Thomas was committed to the takedown, keeping a hold of the legs of Steele until he was eventually able to get it. They didn’t stay there long, getting back to their feet where they ended up in the clinch. Not much action took place in the clinch. Steele worked to the outside, scored a takedown of his own but that didn’t stay there long as they again got back to their feet. In the closing minute of the opening round Thomas scored another takedown where the fight lasted until the bell sounded.

The second round was much like the first, the two of them spent a majority of the time in the clinch position. Steele did score a couple of takedowns but was not able to do much with them. During the second round while they were standing Thomas did land a head kick, but nothing too daunting.

In the final round Thomas started it out with a pair of head kicks, both blocked by Steele. Closing the gap Steele came forward scoring another takedown on Thomas. While on the ground each fighter was volleying for position, neither doing much damage in the process. Thomas was able to get back to his feet, Steele went right back to the takedown attempt, getting yet another takedown. Not much striking from Steele on the top position; Thomas was landing more strike from the bottom. The fight came to a close while Steele was in Thomas guard.

Daniel Swain (10-2) vs. JP Reese (10-7) – Featherweight
Winner: JP Reese def Daniel Swain via Submission (Arm Triangle) at 03:37 of Rd 3
Recap: Swain started off the opening round the more aggressive of the two. They ended up on the ground fairly quick into the fight, with Swain on the bottom. He was working hard for the submission, having several different attempts locked on. None of the submissions were on tight enough to earn the tapout from Reese. Towards the end of the round Reese was able to get out break off from the close grip of Swain where he was able to land some strikes from the top position. The round came to a close shortly after.

The second round began with Swain getting the takedown, again working for submission. He was not able to get anything locked on as Reese stayed elusive from the bottom. Eventually the two were stood by the referee from the lack of action. The two then clinched up, landing some great combinations from the position. Swain again scored the last second takedown in the round but the round came to a close.

For the opening minute of the final round the two kept it standing. But that came to a close as the two ended up on the ground once more. They were going back and fourth while on the ground, Reese was eventually able to get side control with the arm triangle locked on. At first Swain was able to hold on, trying to get out. He was not able to do so, eventually falling asleep in the choke.

Marcus Reynolds (9-7) vs Dequan Townsend (5-2) – Catchweight (180lbs)
Winner: Dequan Townsend def Marcus Reynolds via TKO (Strikes) at 02:52 of Rd 3
Recap: The two came to the center with some distance between them. Reynolds was bouncing in a kung-fu stance waiting for Townsend to approach him. Townsend came in with some quick combinations, before getting back out of striking range avoiding any damage from Reynolds. The two circled one another, looking for an opening. A few minutes passed with no significant offense from either fighter with the exception of one exchange that had Reynolds back-peddling to avoid the combination from Townsend. In the closing minute of the opening round the two had a quick flurry with Townsend coming out the better of the two. He continued with the strikes followed it up with a takedown to end the round.

Townsend took the center to start the second round with Reynolds circling the outside. The two again circled one another, landing a strike here and there unable to string anything together. Townsend closed the distance several times throughout the round getting off a combination of strikes but did not follow it up as he bounced back out of the range of Reynolds. Meanwhile Reynolds was trying out all different types of traditional kung-fu strikes. Final in the closing minute the two had a nice exchange landing more than just a few strikes at one time. Townsend got the better of the two. Reynolds was able to get out avoiding further damage.

In the final round Reynolds came out charging Townsend landing a few strikes of his own including what appeared to be a chop. Townsend backed off from Reynolds who went for a takedown attempt thereafter, successfully getting it. Townsend immediately got back to his feet from the takedown. The two got back to their feet circling once again looking for that open shot. Townsend attempted the spinning back kick connecting it to the midsection of Reynolds who instantly dropped down to the ground. The ref rushed in to stop the fight.

Alexander Trevino (5-3) vs Dave Courchaine (15-6) – Lightweight
Winner: Dave Courchaine def Alexander Trevino via KO at 00:37 of Rd 2
Recap: Courchaine came out took control of the center and the pace of the fight. He was able to keep Trevino at bay and on the defense as he kept the pressure tight. Courchaine closed the distance on several occasions, getting off a combination than backing out to avoid the strikes of Trevino. Courchaine caught Trevino with a powershot that dropped him, not wanting any part of the ground game Courchaine let Trevino stand back up to his feet. Trevino circled out but Courchaine kept the pressure tight, landing another shot that dropped Trevino down again. This time Courchaine ran over to him, hovering over him raining down some shots but a lot of them were being blocked. Again Courchaine stood up and backed off letting Trevino get back to his feet. In the closing minute Courchaine landed another shot that had Trevino rolling back on the ground. Courchaine didn’t go over to him letting him stand back up as the bell rang just seconds later.

The second round didn’t last long as Courchaine was able to land an right that dropped Trevino down to the ground.

Dom O’Grady (15-6-1) vs Eric Reynolds (18-6) – Lightweight
Winner: Dom O’Grady def Eric Reynolds via Submission (RNC) at of 01:42 Rd 2
Recap: Reynolds came out strong in the opening round connecting with strikes while weaving avoiding the strikes of O’Grady. Reynolds stuck with the kicks, landing lots to the inside and out on the leg with attempts to the head and midsection, keeping O’Grady guessing the entire time. O’Grady got clipped in the groin, getting a few minutes to recover from the shot. When the fight resumed the two went back and fourth connecting with combinations.

In the second round the two went down to the ground where O’Grady was able to get the back of Reynolds locking on the rear-naked choke hold. Reynolds tried to stand up, but O’Grady was able to fall to his back with the choke intact. Moments later after O’Grady was able to crank the hold did Reynolds tap out from the submission.

Farkhad Sharipov (14-5) vs. Deivison Ribeiro (24-9) – Featherweight Title
Winner: Deivison Ribeiro def Farkhad Sharipov via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)
Recap: It was a great first round, the fight stood standing the entire round. The two circled for the most part of the opening round, bouncing in and out connecting with shots and combinations. Ribeiro was the better of the two landing more effective strikes than Sharipov was able to do. Ribeiro landed a head quick that could have been devastating had Sharipov been just a few more inches closer as the foot landed instead of the shin. On a separate occasion Ribeiro was able to land a high knee as Sharipov escaped from the clinch of Ribeiro. In the closing seconds of the round Sharipov shot in for a takedown but began the attempt way too early and Ribeiro was able to defend against.

In the second round the action began standing, with each fighter circling looking for the opening. Midway through the round Ribeiro looked at the ref pointing to his eye to try and get a stop so he could recover from the apparent poke. The ref did not stop the fight telling Ribeiro to continue fighting. Sharipov came forward, shot in scoring the takedown. Ribeiro was able to get right back to his feet once they got down to the ground. They got back to their feet, standing slugging it out with good striking to end the round.

Ribeiro takes the center of the cage to start the third round with Sharipov circling on the outside. Each one is looking for the opening to begin their offensive strikes. As they await the opening both are bouncing in and out with quick shots. Ribeiro is being more the aggressor landing more strikes than Sharipov, even following up with lightening quick counters. Sharipov tries to shoot in again for the takedown to gain some type of traction in the round but comes up short as Ribeiro is able to stop the attempt. In the closing seconds of the round the two close the distance between them swinging, but nothing of significance lands just some quick strikes.

Both come out with some good striking to start the championship rounds. Ribeiro comes forward with the leg sweep to force Sharipov down to his back on the ground. Ribeiro immediately jumps down on Sharipov but is not able to do anything, stands back up to his feet. Not doing anything the ref stands Sharipov back up. Sharipov much like the rest of the rest of fight comes in swinging not connecting and Ribeiro follows it up with a counter. Sharipov shoots in but once again comes up short getting stopped by Ribeiro. They go back to their feet again, Sharipov staying aggressive in the round coming in at Ribeiro but misses; Ribeiro counters with some good shots.

The final round started like the previous four rounds, each one standing in the center feeling one another out while looking for the opening. Ribeiro again with the counters, avoiding the initial strikes from Sharipov. Circling out, Sharipov shoots in again for another attempt, but once more comes up short getting stuffed by Ribeiro. The two back to the center, Sharipov lands a overhand right that connects, stunning Ribeiro just a little. Sharipov comes forward trying to finish Ribeiro but is tied up in the clinch. They break off the clinch back to the center looking for the opening. The last two minutes of the round have them standing in the center with each one throwing shots but the ones that do land are nothing noteworthy. As the 10 second bell sounds Sharipov puts his arms around Ribeiro to try and pick him up and slam him down to the ground but does not do so before the bell sounds.