2015 BluegrassMMA Awards: Amateur Fight of the Year Nominees

Amateur Fight of the Year Nominees

Amateur Fight of the Year Nominees

Fight of the year is sometimes a difficult category, because what defines a great fight? Is is a back-and-forth battle where neither fighter will quit, an amazing comeback, and amazing finish, or something else?

Voting for the 2015 BluegrassMMA Awards runs from December 14 to December 31 and winners will be announced beginning January 2, 2016.

We’ve done our best to determine the best fights of 2015 from the Ohio Valley region, and the 8 nominees for this category are below, in no particular order:

Chelsea Faulder vs Roya Darvishian

Darvishian repeately put Faulder on her back in the fight at IT Fight Series 35, but it was Faulder’s punching and power that allowed her to do more damage and win the fight in the eys of the judges. The crowd was on its feet for the majority of this fight, supporting the local favorite Faulder but also cheering the great showing by Darvishian.

Brian Hauser looked impressive on his feet and showed off some solid Super-man punches at Pinnacle FC 11. Patton tried to slow Hauser down by putting him against the fence and was able to get a couple of submission attempts. It was solid fight for the fans and a great showing of what amateur MMA should look like.

Frankie Festa vs. Mike Seibert I

A great back and forth battle for three rounds at Caged Madness 34. It was so good they decided to do it twice but the outcome didn’t change. This is a performance that has helped Festa make a name for himself as a great prospect in the Ohio Valley.

The rematch that people were waiting for. Pimentel controlled much of the fight with striking and from his back, and he was eventually able to lock in a triangle choke in the third round to secure the win. Cisco put a lot of heart into the fight and hopefully we see the rubber match play out soon.

Evan Samad vs. Stephen Scott

It was what you would expect at title fight should be as undefeated Stephen Scott tangled with Evan Samad at Turf Wars 23. Samad edged Scott little by little each round enroute to a unanimous decision win. A great fight that we would love to show you but I guess you had to be there.

Richard Condon vs. Seth Dixon

Richard “Chip” Condon and Seth Dixon put on a gut wrenching three round performance at Gladiator Promotions. Two solid wrestlers went back and forth on the ground as the fight was highlighted by some solid submission attempts and slams. It was a coming out party of sorts for the now 3-0 Seth Dixon who was quite a ways from home.

The fight between Mohammed and Nickell had the Heritage Hall crowd split down the middle as they both brought an impressive cheering section to Turf Wars 25. The first two rounds were close with no clear cut answer on who would win. Mohammed pulled out a finish in the third which let the judges breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone loves a comeback story and this Hardrock MMA 76 fight provided just that. Terry Coulter was roughed up in the first round but was able to turn the tables in the second and get the win. Lipscomb showed that he has a ton of potential in just his second outing in the sport.

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