Bobby Emmons takes the ride of his life in his final fight

Ken Terry II powerbombs Bobby Emmons

Ken Terry II powerbombs Bobby Emmons

Since breaking into the scene competitively in 2009, the state of Indiana has not been the same. Only a few competitors have been a staple within the local MMA community and have made as much as an impact as Bobby Emmons.

Last night at Tru-Form Entertainment presents: No Fear, Bobby “White Trash” Emmons (5-6) made his final walk to the cage as a fighter. This familiar walk would be the eleventh of his professional career. Standing between himself and obtaining victory in his twilight fight was Kendrick Terry II.

As you can see in the video below, Emmons took the fight to the ground where he performs best. Grabbing the leg of Terry after landing an outside kick, Emmons rushed in and secured the takedown. After Emmons is able to maintain control from the guard position he began to work for the finish. Soon after he locked in the leg triangle Terry immediately picked Emmons up for what would become the move of the fight.

In a rare move, Terry picked Emmons high over his head trying to escape the submission. Typically at this point, most fighters release the hold before being slammed down to the ground. One thing we know for sure, Emmons is not your ordinary fighter. He held on tight and took the ‘powerbomb’ ride down six feet to the canvas.

Usually, this move has several outcomes including being knocked unconscious or forcing the fighter to release the move after the impact. Neither of those outcomes happened. In fact, the move proved to be the beginning of the end for Terry as Emmons was able to tighten the leg triangle submission.

After regaining control after the impact, it took eleven seconds for Emmons to get Terry in position forcing him to tap. Below you can watch the fight in it’s entirety:

Video Courtesy of Tom Klotz

We reached out to Emmons after the fight to see what was going through his mind immediately after the victory. “Thank God all these people who haven’t seen me fight since amateur didn’t see me get my ass beat,” he told us. After more than 7 years of fighting this, his final fight was the closest he has fought to home.

Now that the dust has settled, and many beers consumed in the last 24 hours, Emmons is very optimistic about his future. “Lots of grappling, training and tourneys,” are ahead for Emmons.

Additionally, he and longtime friend, Dave Overfield, have plans for their new business. “Overfield and I own Nice Guy Submission Fighting and have some young grappling and MMA monsters coming up,” Emmons told “Coach Emmons has a nice little ring to it, too.

With no plans of slowing down, at least not in the near future, he wanted to make one thing clear, “2016 is gonna be a huge year for us [Nice Guy Submission Fighting]. Write that down (well, this is an article).

From us at and the legion of Emmons supporters, we all want to thank you, Bobby Emmons, for leaving us with an many memorable moments throughout your career.

Bobby Emmons and Cornermen

Dave Overfield, Marty Fischer, Justin Curtis, and Bobby Emmons