Results – Hardrock MMA 84

Hardrock MMA 84

Hardrock MMA 84

Hardrock MMA 84 marked the promotion’s return to Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky for the second time this year on Saturday night, and the event featured 16 bouts, including five in the pro ranks. It streamed live on

In the main event, Bellator MMA veteran Billy “Mojo” Horne (15-4) picked up his seventh straight win, as the 39-year-old ragdolled Michael Cockerham (9-16) for the majority of the fight before eventually locking in a rear naked choke to earn the win. Horne doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite nearing 40, and the fans in attendance clearly want to see more of “Mojo,” as he received one of the loudest ovations of the night.

The fastest finish of the night went to Sean Fallon (5-5) in the co-main event, as he submitted Marc McDonald (2-2) in just 21 seconds with a guillotine. McDonald was choked unconscious and didn’t tap. It was the second win in a row and third in four outings for the Indiana native Fallon, who admitted that his pro career got off to a rocky start but that he has righted the ship. It appears that’s exactly the case, as he has been impressive in recent outings.

Much of the talk leading up to the event focused on the return of “Ultimate Fighter” veteran Junie Allen Browning (5-6), who returned to an MMA cage for the first time in more than four years. Browning appeared relxed and calm in taking home a win over Jeremy Myers (5-15).

Donnie Ballou (1-0) also earned a win by choking his opponent unconscious, as Dustin Bertch (0-1) tapped just seconds before going limp. Ballou capped off a 3-0 night for his Alliance MMA team, as Clay Baker (6-0) claimed the Hardrock MMA amateur featherweight title with a submission over Seth Dixon (3-1), and Gene Atkins (1-0) picked up a win in his amateur debut.

Check out full results from Hardrock MMA 84 below.

Hardrock MMA 84 results

Amateur Bouts:

Fight 1 – Jamie Hare vs. Drelon McCoy – Light Heavyweight
Result: Jamie Hare (1-0) def. Drelon McCoy (0-1) via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 2:18

Fight 2 – Damian Miller vs. Jair Pena – 140 lbs Catchweight
Result: Damian Miller (4-6) def. Jair Pena (0-1) via KO (punches) – Round 1, 1:30

Fight 3 – Shannon Van Ness vs. Kenny Boggs – Super Heavyweight
Result: Shannon Van Ness (2-1) def. Kenny Boggs (0-4) via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:16

Fight 4 – Kevin Chauklin vs. Gene Atkins – Welterweight
Result: Gene Atkins (1-0) def. Kevin Chauklin (1-2) via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 1:04

Fight 5 – Justin Thompson vs. Keenan Pena – Bantamweight
Result: Justin Thompson (2-0) def. Keenan Pena (1-2) via Submission (armbar) – Round 1, 2:15

Fight 6 – Dakota McCarthy vs. Jordan Zawahri – Welterweight
Result: Jordan Zawahri (2-0) def. Dakota McCarthy (0-2) via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 0:59

Fight 7 – Josh Calvert vs. Terrence Owens – Flyweight
Result: Josh Calvert (1-2) def. Terrence Owens (0-4) via Unanimous Decision

Fight 8 – Linda Mihalec vs. Kelsey Hildal – Atomweight
Result: Linda Mihalec (1-1) def. Kelsey Hildal (0-1) via Unanimous Decision

Fight 9 – Eli John Kaindu vs. Jake Kools – 160 lbs Catchweight
Result: Jake Kools (3-0) def. Eli John Kaindu (4-5) via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 2:29

Fight 10 – Bryan McDowell vs. Perry Stargel – Welterweight
Result: Perry Stargel (3-0) def. Bryan McDowell (10-7) via Unanimous Decision

Fight 11 – Seth Dixon vs. Clay Baker – Featherweight Title
Result: Clay Baker (6-0) def. Seth Dixon (3-1) via Submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 0:45

Pro Bouts:

Fight 12 – Ruben Warr vs. Charlie Stanford – Featherweight
Result: Ruben Warr (5-8) def. Charlie Stanford (6-7) via Unanimous Decision

Fight 13 – Dustin Bertch vs. Donnie Ballou – Flyweight
Result: Donnie Ballou (1-0) def. Dustin Bertch (0-1) via Submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 0:26

Fight 14 – Jeremy Myers vs. Junie Allen Browning – Welterweight
Result: Junie Allen Browning (5-6) def. Jeremy Myers (5-15) via TKO – Round 1

Fight 15 – Sean Fallon vs. Marc McDonald – Lightweight
Result: Sean Fallon (5-5) def. Marc McDonald (2-2) via Submission (guillotine) – Round 1, 0:21

Fight 16 – Michael Cockerham vs. Billy Horne – 195 lbs Catchweight
Result: Billy Horne (15-4) def. Michael Cockerham (9-16) via Submission (rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:41

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