The BluegrassMMA Podcast with Dr. Tad Seifert

If you happened to catch us live on Wednesday night on Facebook, thank you. We appreciate you tuning in. That being said the video was removed so to make up for it here is a double dose for the week.

There is some unrest in the Kentucky MMA community as we close out 2016. Some new regulations will go into effect starting in 2017 and with that some concern has spread across the landscape. Change is hard but hopefully this podcast will help answer any questions.

Dr. Tad Seifert took some time out to talk about the new rules and the ideas behind them. Hopefully this will clarify any rumors or misinformation that has been portrayed on social media.

Dr. Seifert is willing to field even more questions so feel free to reach out to him by dropping him an email at You can also follow him on Twitter at

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