MMA community mourns the loss of amateur fighter Donshay White

Amateur MMA fighter Donshay White passes away following bout at Hardrock MMA 90

Amateur MMA fighter Donshay White passes away following bout at Hardrock MMA 90

One of the most beautiful things about the mixed martial arts community is that not only is it very tight-knit, but it’s also very compassionate in times of tragedy.

Following the passing of amateur fighter Donshay White after his bout at Hardrock MMA 90 on Saturday night, many members of the MMA community are reacting to the unfortunate news.

The promotion, Hardrock MMA, posted the following statement on Facebook: “Hardrock MMA joins the entire MMA community in mourning Donshay White. As a promotion who has put together 89 events over the last 8 years without incident, we always have we will continue to put our fighters safety above all else. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.”

KBWC inspector Todd Neal:

Hardrock MMA ring announcer Jason Wienel: “Very tragic event tonight at the fights. I am truly at a loss. Please tell all the people that mean something to you how much you love them. Hold them a little longer when hugging them. We are not guaranteed our next breath. With that, I love you.”

Kentucky MMA fighter Gina (Begley) Elliott: “I send my condolences out to the family.
In the 1st year where medical standards to participate in a mixed martial arts bout have been raised to such a high standard in Kentucky, it really is a bizarre thing to happen. A lengthy prefight physical at a personal physician includes many test to deternine if your body is physically capable including a blood panel to ensure the saftey from blood born disease to all fighters participating. Then another pre-fight check with the promotions doctor including blood pressure are all required now upon arrival to the event.
I hope he really enjoyed fighting so his family can take some peace in that.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin: “Awful. Deepest condolences to his family and friends”

UFC fighter Luke Sanders:

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