Keair Ross plans to win belt at Colosseum Combat XXXVII, then turn pro

Keair Ross

Keair Ross

The lightweight title is on the line in the amateur main event at Colosseum Combat XXXVII this weekend, and unbeaten Keair Ross (4-0) looks to take home the belt in a bout against Kyle VanCamp (8-4).

The 23-year-old is built like a tank, and he has been impressive in his short career thus far. Three of his four wins have come inside the Colosseum Combat cage, including a decision over Andre Henriques at CC XXXV last May.

But now he’ll face the toughest test of his career in the experienced VanCamp, whose brothers Cameron and Kellen are also talented fighters.

Both Ross and VanCamp come from a wrestling background, meaning this could end up being a striking battle. But Ross thinks he has the wrestling edge.

“I’m completely ready, my mind state, my training, everything. I’m waiting for the day when I can go in there, get my hand raised, and take my belt,” said Ross to the Kokomo Perspective. “I’ve been watching films of his fights, and one thing I can say is his wrestling skills are not up to par.”

Ross is clearly confident, so much so that he isn’t shying away from stating that he’ll win, and then jump to the pro ranks immediately after.

“After I win this belt I’m just going to relinquish it and go pro,” said Ross. “I just want to go out there, establish my name by taking a belt, then I want to make some real money. I love this sport to death. I want to go pro, see some real competition and some real money.”

Colosseum Combat promoter Mark Slater is surely looking forward this fight.

“The reason it’s a title fight is because I have no clue who will win,” said Slater. “If I had an idea or knew who would win, I wouldn’t pick it. I pick the fights that I want to see or might be an interesting match-up, and this one should be interesting, for sure.”

Colosseum Combat XXXVII features 11 total bouts, including a main event pitting Tom Shoaff against Tyler Combs. If you can’t make it out you can watch the event live on Fast Play Sports.

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