Recap & Results – Absolute Action MMA 47


I suppose the first thing I should address is that while at AAMMA 47 at BB&T Arena I was honored to get to play the role of Inspector for the KBWC. I have sat through many fighters meetings before and helped with the task but for this event I was pretty much in charge. I made it through the night and no one was the wiser I suppose. I’ll find out what I did wrong after Todd Neal goes over my work.

Absolute Action MMA was back in Northern Kentucky with 11 fights on the books and Parag Patel’s matchmaking made for a solid night of fights. Every event has it’s share of ups and downs and tonight was no different.

Sean Fallon submits TJ Wash

Sean Fallon (4-5) admitted before his fight that he had lost some that he shouldn’t have and he didn’t want to take any chances against TJ Wash (1-4). He didn’t give Wash any time to mount an offense as he controlled things from the start of the round.  It only took 39 seconds for him to lock in a tight guillotine that ended the fight. The 38 year old Wash took to the mic following the fight to announce that it would be his final appearance. TJ has always been generous with his time to us here and it was a pleasure watching him through the years. He told everyone that he was gonna focus on making his teammates better. Best of luck TJ and congrats to Sean.

McDonald avoids decision with first round stoppage

Marc McDonald (2-1)was not wanting to leave his fate in the hands of the judges tonight and made that point clear by starting off fast against Zakk Smith (6-17). McDonald put pressure on Smith quickly and used his striking to open up a major cut on Smith. Referee Chris Kinman stepped in and stopped the action just shy of two minutes into the first round.

Evan Samad delivers a spectacular knockout

Devoniere Jackson (3-5) didn’t come to Highland Heights to merely show up for a fight. Jackson was able to hold things down in the first round and put in his back pocket. Evan Samad (4-1) repaid the favor a very close second round. With only five minutes that would probably have decided who would win the fight if it went to the scorecards, Samad connected with an elbow early in the round that stunned Jackson. Evan worked his opponent over in the corner and with a minute to go he disengaged and delivered a knockout shot that sent Jackson to the mat. No need to make the judges work again.

Fight of the Night – Evan Samad vs. Devoniere Jackson

Knockout of the Night – Evan Samad

Submission of the Night – Cody Conley

Results – Absolute Action MMA 47

  • Jared Morris def. Terrence Owens by Submission (Guillotine)  1:01 Rd 1
  • Steven Hanes def. Dakota McCarthy by Submission (Triangle Choke),at1:11 Rd 2
  • Dustin Smith def. Anthony Warren by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 00:48 Rd 2
  • Tyler Barger def. Dustin Vessel by TKO (Strikes) at2:11 Rd 2
  • Kevin Deal def. Bryon Johnson by Submission(Rear Naked Choke) at 2:44 Rd 2
  • Dustin Lema def. Charles Sheroan by Verbal Submission to Strikes at 00:48 Rd 1
  • Cody Conley def. Kevin Naji by Technical Submission  (Guillotine) at 00:34 Rd 1
  • Devon Kane def. Cody Harris by Submission (armbar) at 1:54 Rd 1
  • Marc McDonald def. Zakk Smith by TKO( Strikes) at 1:55 Rd 1
  • Sean Fallon def. Thomas Wash by Submission (Guillotine) at 00:39 Rd 1
  • Evan Samad def. Devoniere Jackson by Knockout at 4:00 Rd 3

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